About Us

PIYC's Guiding Principals

Vision Statement

Pelican Isle Yacht Club strives to be the Yacht Club of choice in Southwest Florida. 

Mission Statement 

Pelican Isle Yacht Club enhances the lives of our Members, creating a Relaxed Waterfront Lifestyle with Unparalleled Camaraderie.  

Club Values 

Tradition: We honor the social and maritime traditions of our founding Members and the larger boating community, celebrating events that are unique to our nautical culture.

Boating Culture: Boating is at the heart of our identity and the Marina is central to who we are.

Evolution: We continue to evolve and improve, exceeding the expectations of our current Members while attracting future Members and maintaining ties to our past.

Camaraderie: We treasure our relationships and seek to build new ones, welcoming new Members with enthusiasm and warmth.

Informality: We enjoy an elegant but relaxed environment where we participate in a casual waterfront lifestyle.

Engagement: We are an active Membership, engaged in social, cruising, dining, and lifestyle programs. New and longtime Members alike support the growth and governance of our Club.

Professionalism: We recruit and retain high caliber staff who are excellent in their roles and respected in their professional circles.

Enjoyment: We belong to Pelican Isle Yacht Club to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, the professional service, the extraordinary amenities, superior dining, and the close knit community of active boaters and Members.

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