Membership FAQs

Are you able to access other clubs by becoming a member of Pelican Isle Yacht Club?

Yes. Pelican Isle Yacht Club is a member of the Register of American Yacht Clubs and shares reciprocity with several other clubs around the nation. Most recently we have been accepted in to the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs with access to all the amenities at many other Florida Yacht Clubs.

Do you have to be a resident of Pelican Isle Condo's to belong to Pelican Isle Yacht Club?

No. The majority of our members do not live at the Pelican Isle Condominimus.

Do you have to own a yacht to belong to Pelican Isle Yacht Club?

No. There is a very active Social Membership that enjoys good fellowship with our extensive calendar of unique social events.

How are annual dues established? Are there any minimums associated with this membership?

Dues are set by the Board of Directors, and the amount is subject to change based on Board of Director's approval. Yes. There is a Food and Beverage minimum.

May a membership be held in the name of a business entity?

No. Our club consists of individuals or couples; memberships are personal and may not be acquired in the name of a business entity, such as a partnership or corporation.

What is the history of Pelican Isle Yacht Club?

Opening its doors in 1997 Pelican Isle Yacht Club is a private member-owned equity yacht club. Pelican Isle Yacht Club offers 190 marina slips with dock services, ship's store, contemporary fitness, tennis, waterside resort-style pool, spa, sundeck, and a private beach shuttle service. All of this complimented by exquisite indoor and outdoor dining with spectacular sunset views, Pelican Isle Yacht Club is a timeless symbol of excellence.

What makes Pelican Isle Yacht Club unique?

Members have long enjoyed a culture characterized by warmth and relaxed camaraderie. The magnificent clubhouse, with its full calendar of unique social events, fosters an atmosphere that encourages people to form sincere friendships with fascinating people from around the world. Each season, new events are introduced and old favorites relived.