Ship's Store



Common Questions regarding the Ship's store

Q: Where would you go to purchase an item with a PIYC logo?

A: The PIYC Ship's Store, conveniently located in the PIYC lobby area, is THE place to buy an item with a PIYC logo.

Q: What clothing items does the Ship's Store carry in stock?

A: The Ship's Store stocks Men's and Women's Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Jackets and Caps, Men's Leather Man PIYC burgee belts, and Youth & Kids' and Toddler Shirts, Sweatshirts and Caps.

Q: What other items are in the Ship's Store?

A: The Ship's Store also stocks PIYC Logo Tervis Cold/Hot Tumblers in several sizes: 12 oz., 16 oz., 25 oz. Water Bottles and 16 oz. Wine Goblet inside a Tervis Tumbler. Also, avaliable are Tote Boat Bags, Key Chains, and Koozies--all with the PIYC logo, and Sea Salt & Pepper Grinders.

Q: What about the PIYC Burgees?

A: The Ship's Store has PIYC Burgees in two sizes: 12x18" and 16x24" for PIYC member boats, and also carries a small (collectible) Burgee Table Flag.

Q: Does the Ship's Store carry official PIYC member uniform items?

A: Absolutely! Buy your PIYC Custom Men's Silk Ties (Reg. & X-Long), Women's PIYC Custom Silk Scarves (10x60"), PIYC Custom Blazer Pocket Patches, and also Florida Council of Yacht Club lapel pins.

Q: What about Cruising Guides?

A: The Ship's Store has them! Buy the latest 16th edition of the Florida Council of Yacht Club Cruising Guide--featuring all 36 of the FCYC member yacht clubs in Florida, including Pelican Isle Yacht Club.

Q: What if I want something that the Ship's Store doesn't carry--a different style shirt or a different color or size?

A: If possible, Volunteer Member Co-managers Connie Kindsvater & Irene Owens will Special Order that item for you.

Q: What about the profits from the Pelican Isle Ship's Store?

A: The proceeds from the PIYC Ship's Store go into the PIYC General Fund--they help the bottom line, creating the great "Club" experience that you want to have as a member of Pelican Isle Yacht Club.


PIYC Authors:

"Larry Steckline: A Half Century as the Voice of Kansas Agriculture" is now available for purchase in the ship's Store with the entirety of the proceeds going to Kansas FFA Chapters (click here for more information on the National FFA Organization). 

 Larry grew up using an outhouse, became an ag broadcasting powerhouse, was an invited guest at the White House, and now lives in a penthouse - this is the story of Larry Steckline, the "farmer's friend". 

 With personal glimpses of his Volga-German ancestry, his western Kansas roots, his hardscrabble farm background, and even his mother's family recipes, Steckline shares his business and personal struggles, including the devastating loss of his wife of 39 years. 

Steckline launched his career at the Wichita Stockyards and broadcast his first market report in 1964 on KTVH-12. While continuing to appear daily on Channel 12 (and later Channel 3), he went to work full-time with KFRM-AM in 1970, making it the state's preeminent ag station. Then -after being ushered out the door by his friend and boss - he created the Mid America Ag Network, eventually broadcasting into  Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska and leaving a long-remembered legacy as he bought and sold more than 27 radio stations. Today, Steckline continues to own KWLS-107.9 FM, uploads weekly ag-business reports on, and actively farms and ranches in south central Kansas. 

The book was written by Larry's current wife, Carla Stovall Steckline, former Kansas Attorney General, and also shares her professional life, their courtship and her exit from politics. 



 Also feature in the Ship's Store is "Athens in Black" A Story of Life in Nazi-Occupied Greece", written by our own Constantine "Costas" Anagnostopoulos. 

The advancing German forces had just occupied Athens. All Allied military units were being evacuated to North Africa. But Paul chose to stay behind and join Allied Intelligence. His orders: secure employment at the old Greek aircraft factory, now servicing and repairing the Germans' Messerschmitts. His objective: monitor movement of enemy planes and save the factory from destruction should occupation forces withdraw.

The "how" was left up to him. 

How he succeeded is a story of deception, trickery, friendship, love, murder and survival, written by one who experienced them all.