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Click here to view PIYC Marina Townhall Reminder: Thursday 12/8/22 3:00 pm (Dated: 12/5/2022)


Click here to view Updated Marina FAQs (Dated: 12/1/2022)

Click here to view Updated Hurricane Ian FAQs (Dated: 12/1/2022)


Click here to view Updates PIYC Club Recovery Status & Hours of Operation (Dated:11/25/2022)

Bocce Courts are now available for Members and their Guests! We encourage to make your court reservation through our website.


Click here to view PIYC Marina and Dock Update for our Boating Members (Dated: 11/20/2022)


Click here to view Thank you Letter from Commodore Hendricks (Dated: 11/18/2022)

Click here to view Update PIYC Club Recovery Status & Hours of Operations Snapshot (Dated: 11/18/2022)

Bocce Court #1 is now available for Members and their Guests. We encourage to make your court reservation through our website.


Click here to view Save the Date: PIYC Marina Town Hall Meeting E-letter (Dated: 11/15/2022)


Click here to view Message from Commodore Karen Hendricks (Dated: 11/9/2022)

Click here to view Updated Hurricane Ian Frequently Asked Questions (Dated: 11/9/22)


Click here to view Updated PIYC Club Recovery Status  & Hours of Operation Snapshot (Dated: 11/6/22)


We are excited to be resuming Lunch and Dinner this week for our Members. We are also working on getting other areas of the Club available - including Fitness and the Pool, although not quite there. Please check our hours of operation & Club Status page for details on what is available as it will be changing daily. 

Please continue to exercise caution when coming to the Club; cleaning and recovery efforts are on-going. Watch your step in our lots and around grounds. 


Click here to view our Updated Hurricane Ian FAQs (Date: 10/29/2022)


Click here to view Collier County Advisory: Recreational Boating (Dated: 10/24/2022)


Click here to  view Strategic Update from Commodore Karen Hendricks (Dated: 10/22/2022)


Immediately following the storm, Club Staff started contacting our SWFL Reciprocal Partners regarding courtesy extension. We appreciate their kindness while we work on getting back to 100% operations at PIYC!

Click here to view Updated Clubs Listing (Dated:10/21/2022)

Click here to view PIYC Revised Reciprocal Guide (Dated: 10/21/2022)


Click here to view PIYC Club E-Letter (Dated: 10/20/2022)


Click here to view PIYC Employee Bulletin (Dated:10/19/2022)


Click here to view Marina and Dock Update (Dated 10/18/2022)

DOCKBOX UPDATE: All Dock boxes on the floating docks have been relocated to the North Parking Lot. All contents are still in the dock box. If you would like to claim your items, please exercise caution and pick up your items from the NORTH LOT. 


We have updated our Hurricane Ian Frequently Asked Questions. We encourage our member to re-visit our FAQs as we will continue to up-date them as recovery continues. 

Click here to see Updated Hurricane Ian FAQs (Dated: 10/17/2022)


The Clubhouse will be close on Saturday, October 15, 2022 due to extensive cleaning devises and products that will take place at the Club. Our phones will NOT be attended and Club Personnel will NOT be present. Our normal operating hours will resume on Monday, October 17, 2022.

Click here to watch Kathie Pedit's Interview with Commodore Karen Hendricks (Part 1)

Click here to watch Kathie Pedit's Interview with Commodore Karen Hendricks (Part 2)


Click here for General Manager Post Hurricane Ian Video Update (Dated:10/12/2022)


Click here to view Updated PIYC Marina Hurricane Ian Evaluation of Vessels (Dated: 10/10/2022)


Click here for Commodore Update (Dated: 10/08/2022)

Recovery update: 

CLUB: Cleanup at Clubhouse is on-going. Administrative services are available by phone. Access to the Clubhouse is not available at this time as we continue recovery efforts. Members, vendors, and Captains that need assistance with their vessel can access Club through Marina entry. 

 MARINA: We are working as quickly as possible to: 

  • Coordinate with Members who may still need assistance with their vessel 
  • Coordinate assets that can disassemble sections of the floating dock to free vessels that are between dock and piling
  • Develop recommended vendors for transportation and storage
  • Coordinate with contractors to understand timelines for actions in our Marina 
  • We anticipate: 
  • Demolition of our floating docks may begin soon; our next priority is to work with Members who have vessels in the floating docks 
  • Power will not be restored to the fixed docks; we are working with Nelson Marine and other vendors to assist Members who have vessels on lifts
  • The fixed docks will be secondary for any construction due to the hazardous condition of the floating docks, however Members are still encouraged to stay clear of the fixed docks
  • Please do NOT attempt to lower your lift without professional assistance

All Members are welcome and encouraged to coordinate with their preferred boat vendor or marine service. Due to the condition of our docks, we will be asking any who access to sign a release. 

Thank you to our Members and Captains who have referred vendors to the Club and our Members. This list is available as a convenience to our Members. Please select your preferred vendor at your own discretion. 


Below is the listing of Preliminary PIYC Marina Hurricane Evaluation of Vessels as of 10/05/2022

PIYC Marina Hurricane Evaluation of Vessels (Dated: 10/05/2022)

 Communications are still somewhat restricted at the Club (No Internet Available)

We are working hard to reach out to boat owners individually as well.

Click here to view Precautionary Swim Advisory (Dated 10/6/2022)


Click to view Marina and Dock Update (Dated: 10/05/2022)

Below is a link to the NOAA website with Post Hurricane Ian aerial photos.

NOAA-Post Hurricane Ian Photos

10/03/2022 11:30am:

Click here for Commodore Update (Dated:10/03/2022)

Thank you for your patience with our communications as widespread power, internet and service outages continue. As of now, the Club does have power but no phone or internet service. Our hearts are with the entire southwest Florida community. As Pelican Isle Yacht Club is still assessing the impact of the storm, the Club will remain closed until further notice. We would like to remind our Members to refrain from coming into the island. The docks are not in good condition and the Island is filled with contractors working in different areas. Our number one priority is every one's safety.

10/01/2022 10am: 

Click here for Post-Storm Update (Dated:10/01/2022)

Over the past two days, our focus has been on assessing the damage, taking any measures necessary to prevent further loss, and initiating immediate action steps to begin recovery. Once we have reliable internet, we will begin to post the pictures and videos we have available. We ask everyone to stay off the docks. Access to the floating docks is very difficult and the stability of many lifts is compromised. This is a dangerous situation and many of these boats need to be addressed by professionals with the right equipment. We are working hard to make that available. Thank you again for your patience.

 09/29/2022 9pm: 

Click here for Initial Post-Storm Correspondence (Dated:09/29/2022)

Click here for General Manager Post Hurricane Ian Video Update (Dated:9/29/2022)

We currently do not have power or water at the Club or on the docks.  The timeline to restore is unknown.
Members are encouraged not to return to the island at this time. Please remain clear of the Docks due to damage; there may be dangerous conditions.  Power and connectivity is spotty in the local area, however we will resume communications as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while we initiate our post storm recovery efforts. 

09/28/2022 2pm: 

There is currently no power to the island and initial reports indicate that there is storm surge and high water that is affecting the Club, the Residences, and the Docks. More information will be published as we are able to verify damages to the Club. Our timeline to re-open is undetermined at this time.

09/28/2022 5am:

The current projected track and timeline for Hurricane Ian is anticipated to bring significant effects to the Lee and Collier counties. Mandatory and voluntary evacuation guidance has been issued for multiple zones in the SWFL area. We will be extending the planned Club closure through Thursday at a minimum due to the anticipated disruption. It is unlikely we will resume Food and Beverage this week. We will update our Members on the status of the Marina and Club as soon as possible following the storm. 


The National Weather Service has extended a Hurricane Warning down to Bonita Beach. Collier County is under a Tropical Storm Warning and the potential for Storm Surge and Flash Flooding exists for our area. Lee County has issued a mandatory evacuation order for select zones which does impact a few members of our staff. Preparations of the Clubhouse and Marina are now complete. As a precautionary measure, and in accordance with our Hurricane Plan, water and power in the Marina have been turned off. Furnishings and equipment near the Clubhouse have been stowed. Members are encouraged to remain clear of Club grounds due to risk of falling branches or flying debris. Club staff will be monitoring email, phone and working remotely as appropriate. We will conclude operations at the Club at 12:00pm today, Tuesday, September 27th. We will not be offering any Food and Beverage on Wednesday, September 28th. We tentatively plan to resume normal operations on Thursday, September 29th, with lunch service available at 12:00pm depending on impacts from the storm. Changes to our planned operations will be communicated by email and posted on our website. Please note, interruption to power, internet, and cell service similar to what we have experience in past storms my hinder our ability to publish updates. In the event of significant impact, we will do our best to post information on the home page of our website.


Hurricane Ian Planned Hours of Operation*

Administrative Assistance

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Wednesday: Available Remotely

Coffee Services

  • Tuesday & Friday: 8:00am-11:00am
  • Wednesday: Not Available
  • Thursday: To be Determined

Food & Beverage

  • Wednesday: Not Available
  • Thursday Lunch: 12:00pm-2:00pm
  • Friday Lunch: 11:30am-2:00pm & Italian Buffet: 5:30pm-8:00pm

Fitness Center

  • Tuesday & Thursday: Available during normal hours of operation
  • Wednesday: Only accessible through Fitness Fob at Member Discretion

Marina Services

  • Tuesday & Thursday: Staff on Site
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Power and Water will be Shut Off

Beach Shuttle Services

  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Not Scheduled
  • Thursday: To be Determined
  • Friday-Saturday: 9:00am-1:00pm (last pickup at 2:00pm)

Paddle Sports

  • Tuesday- Thursday: Not Available
  • Friday: To be Determined

Bocce Courts

  • Tuesday-Thursday: Not Available

Racquet Sports Courts & Pool

  • Available to use at your own discretion.

*Subject to change


Your PIYC Staff has been closely monitoring the tropical weather outlook. Hurricane Ian is forecast to begin a period of rapid intensification as it approaches the western side of Cuba and continues into the Gulf of Mexico. The current track does not forecast landfall in South Florida, but does call for potentially significant impacts in Collier and Lee Counties as the storm moves towards Central Florida. We encourage all Members with vessels in the Marina to finalize any preparations in the next 24 hours. If the forecast remains consistent, we will be shutting off water and electric to the docks Tomorrow, Tuesday 09/27/2022, at 10:00 am in accordance with our PIYC Hurricane Response Plan. Our Director of Marine Services, Jake Rowe, and our General Manager, Ali Feezor are both available to answer any questions. Jake may be contacted at [email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected] or (239) 566-1606 ext. 115. In addition to checking lines, batteries, bilge pumps, and securing canvas, here are additional best practices. At this time, we are planning to suspend Food and Beverage Operations on Wednesday, 09/28/2022 and intend to resume with Lunch service on Thursday, 09/29/2022 at 12:00 pm. We will post any interim updates on our Club website and communicate via email if we determine that we need to further modify our operations as the forecast develops. Any Member with registrations on Wednesday will be contacted separately with options to reschedule if desired.


The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued Tropical Storm and Storm Surge Watches for South Florida. At this time Club Staff are working to continue preparations of the facility and closely monitoring Weather Updates. We will make a decision about Food and Beverage operations for Wednesday, 09.28.2022 after the 11am NWS update. 


PIYC Staff has initiated preliminary storm preparations in anticipation of storm effects in the coming week. We will be continuing to monitor the forecast and projected storm track as TS Ian continues to develop. At this time we have not made changes to our hours of operation, but will evaluate regularly as additional information is available. 


Tropical Depression Nine is currently forecast to develop into a Hurricane early next week with a potential track area that could impact the SWFL area. We encourage all Members with vessels in the Marina to review their personal Hurricane Plan and to contact their vendors for preparation if needed. Our Director of Marine Services, Jake Rowe, and Ali Feezor, our General Manager, are both available to answer questions. Jake may be contacted at [email protected]">[email protected] or (239) 566-1606 ext. 115. In addition to checking lines, batteries, bilge pumps, securing canvas, here are additional best practices. Based on the current forecast, we have initiated our Tropical Storm protocols, and will be monitoring the path of TD9 (Ian) as well as all Advisories, Watches and Warnings very carefully. Our Management team will be preparing for weather effects with a focus on minimizing damage to the Facility, Club and Marina equipment, and ensuring the safety of our Club Personnel. At this time, we have not made any changes to our Hours of Operation. We will post any interim updates on our PIYC Member Page, and communicate via email if we determine we will need to modify our operations as the forecast develops.

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